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Let Popkin & Son Electric Install Your Home EV Charging Stations In Dix Hills, NY!

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As electric cars take over the roads, drivers demand additional car charging stations. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular than before.

Fast emergence in the EV space has created an opportunity. Popkin & Son Electric is a future-generation electrical contractor company that plans to promote this adoption of efficient transportation in Dix Hills, NY via installing EV charging stations at commercial places.

With the increased availability of EV charging stations, it’s simpler to make the most of your driving experience in Suffolk County by having quick access to efficient fueling.

5 Factors To Consider While Installing Your Home EV Charging Stations

Home charging stations are a practical approach for providing the power to your electric vehicle battery daily. If you’re searching for a charging solution, here are some factors to consider before purchasing a home EV charging station in Dix Hills, NY..

1) Location Is Important In The Case Of Home Charger 

While many EV drivers have fixed charging points, others may need to put their home EV charging stations outside, where they will be more vulnerable to the weather. 

Considering the charging unit’s durability when purchasing electric charging points, you need to determine whether it can withstand long-term exposure to sun, wind, and water. Well, the level 2 charger from Popkin & Son Electric will easily surpass your expectations! Our outdoor and UL-listed electric car charger is waterproof and long-lasting.

Look for an appropriate location in Dix Hills, NY, while installing your electric vehicle car charging stations. Our home EV charger has a 25-foot charging line, which is longer than a typical home EV charging station of equivalent price.

2) Consider The Appropriate Size

Electric vehicle cars charging stations are too large, while some need permanent hardwiring by an electrician. Our electric charging points can be installed at the most convenient location with their 240-volt NEMA connection and easy-mount design.

Our home EV charger can be disconnected and removed from wall mounts, enabling you to move them along with you in Suffolk County.

3) Look For Advance Features

Our residential smart charger can be linked to your home WiFi network, allowing you to control your charging equipment from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can turn ON or OFF the charging session, create reminders, manage charging schedules, and examine your charging session history using the simple and easy interface and dashboard.

4) Charge At Correct Times To Lower Your Electricity Bill

Electric utility tariffs change daily based on the total grid consumption. As electric vehicles use a lot of power, charging your car at home at peak periods might be more expensive, particularly if you have switched on other electrical appliances.

However, with our WIFI-enabled electric charging points, our home EV charger can charge your vehicle automatically at off-peak periods, lowering your energy bills and putting less strain on the power system.

5) Installation Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Nobody likes to spend hours in the installation of a electric charging point. Many people pay electricians to do it for them. The installation price varies and should be considered while buying EV charging equipment. The NEMA plug that comes with our home vehicle charger (plug-in version) makes it simple to set up the unit.

Call Licensed Experts To Install Home EV Charging Stations

In an era where electric cars are becoming common, our company’s objective is to lower the environmental damages while enabling our customers to live comfortably. The popularity of electric vehicles has skyrocketed in recent years, and car charging stations are in great demand.

At Popkin & Son Electric, we manage the complete process for electric car station installation services in Suffolk County. We handle all permissions and inspections as part of the installation procedure. Finally, our crew installs EV charging stations. 

We guide our customers for picking the right charging station for their home and car. Call us at 516-822-4566 to have our qualified electricians install high-quality EV charging stations!

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Settlers traded goods with the Indigenous Secatogue tribe for the land that became Dix Hills in 1699. The Secatogues lived in the northern portion of the region during the later half of that century. The land was known as Dick’s Hills. By lore, the name traces to a local native named Dick Pechegan, likely of the Secatogues. Scholar William Wallace Tooker wrote that the addition of the English name “Dick” to the indigenous name “Pechegan” was a common practice.

Tooker wrote that Pechegan’s wigwam and his planted fields became the hilly area’s namesake, known as the shortened “Dix Hills” by 1911. The area was mostly used for farming until after World War II.

In the 1950s, Dix Hills and its neighbors Wyandanch and Melville, along with the area known as Sweet Hollow, proposed to incorporate as a single village. This village would have been known as the Incorporated Village of Half Hollow Hills, would have had an area of roughly 50 square miles (130 km2), and would have embraced the Half Hollow Hills Central School District (CSD 5). The plans were unsuccessful, and these areas would remain unincorporated.

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