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Long Island's Premier Home EV Charging Station Installers

Popkin Electric is your source for electrical upgrades, backup power solutions, professional lighting and more!


Servicing the following areas of Nassau & Western Suffolk since 1967.


Fulfill Your Business Requirements In Hillside Manor, NY With Our Electric Car Charging Solutions!

Unlike a gasoline-powered vehicle, an electric vehicle can be charged at your home or using an EV charging station while it’s on the road.

It is difficult to own an electric vehicle without having EV charging stations & EV charging options nearby in Hillside Manor, NY! We are there to meet your requirements for electrifying your company’s EV fleet!

Electric cars are becoming more popular, yet many people are unaware of where to charge them. Popkin & Son Electric provides everything required to prepare your car for the roads in Nassau County.

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Types Of Electric Charging Stations

Several variations of electric car charging stations exist in the market, which might be confusing for some. Below is the list of EV car charging stations to assist you in making the appropriate decision.

1) Trickle Charge

Choose Trickle Charge when your EV needs more energy to get through the day. This setting provides a gentle charge. It includes a normal three-prong and uses a 220V connector to charge your car, making it ideal for charging smaller vehicles.

2) Power Charge

It is the most popular & most convenient charging option for EVs. The car charging stations are hooked directly into your home’s network through a cable and is plugged into your automobile for supplying power to the car battery.

3) Direct Current Charge

Fast chargers use direct current, straight from the power source to the car. These chargers skip the converter, allowing the batteries to charge quickly.


3 Ways Electric Car Charging Stations Benefit Your Business

1) Improving Air Quality

Polluted air has negative health repercussions on our bodies and the environment. Any efforts you take as company owner to enhance air quality would benefit all living creatures, thereby making the planet more sustainable.

As EVs have no emissions, they are an effective choice by all means to improve air quality. By deploying car charging stations at your company, you are helping to advance technology to make the world a better place to live.

2) Employee Value Company’s Mission & Statement

Employees are encouraged and empowered because having electric charging points at your business property in Nassau County conveys a statement about the company’s values to make them environmentally more responsible, conscious, and forward-thinkers.

These business objectives demonstrate how a transition to green energy is doable and attainable if everyone contributes. This objective communicates a similar message to all prospective consumers in Hillside Manor, NY, helping you improve your company’s overall brand image.

3) Saves Employee’s Time

The addition of electric charging points to corporate facilities is a significant benefit for workers since it simplifies their use of EV cars.

Consider how many hours each employee spends in your parking lot. Those hours can be spent intelligently charging their vehicle, which is a substantial advantage, particularly for workers who don’t have a home EV charger. This implies that installing an EV car charging station may be a significant win when hiring and maintaining outstanding staff.

Recharge Your Employee's EV Fleet Via Electric Car Charging Stations From Popkin & Son Electric!

EVs can help solve some of the world’s most severe environmental issues. The installation of EV car charging stations on your property provides your business with long-term benefits financially and environmentally. Since 1967, Popkin & Son Electric has been serving residents in Nassau County.

We approach every project with honesty and professionalism. For two generations, we have serviced the commercial and industrial markets in Hillside Manor, NY.

We have offered services to prominent businesses and contractors over the years, developing deep relationships with our clients. We have 100s of customers who use our electric charging points service daily. Our qualified electricians can handle various services, like maintenance, wiring, renovations, construction, and emergency services.

Call Popkin & Son Electric on 516-822-4566 if you need an EV charger installation service in Hillside Manor, NY.

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