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Questions To Ask Before Opting Charging Station Installation Services In Lakeville Estates, NY

If you plan to install EVs at your facilities, you are confirming your company’s status as a sustainability leader and assisting the worldwide community with EV adoption.

The market is multiplying and several opportunities exist to capitalize upon. There are several advantages of building EV charging stations in NY. With proper EV charging infrastructure, you will be able to attract clients at your company, improve staff retention, or raise the property value of your multi-family residences in Nassau County.

Employees will benefit from charging stations at the workplace since they can charge their electric vehicles while at work and save the hassle of hunting public electric charging points on their way home in Nassau County.

There are many well-researched forecasts that predicts that most of the nation’s automobiles will be Electric Vehicles within the next few years. Here are some questions to ask from EV charging firms in NY before deciding who to collaborate with.

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1) What Kinds Of Charging Stations Do You Provide?

The market for EV charging stations is growing everyday. It’s important to understand the ever-expanding electric car sector. Your requirements will determine the appropriate charger level and the brand needed for your electric cars.

For example, your electric car may need DC fast chargers, or you may choose a Level 2 car charging station to meet your company’s workplace charging needs.

Many electriccharging point providers in NY will only offer one brand of EV charger with rapid charging, which may not be in your best interests. Some may only offer DC fast chargers since they are the quickest method to charge an electric car.

However, not all electric vehicles can be charged with DC fast chargers. Consider working with a car charging station firm that can install many brands of electric vehicle charging ports, such as Popkin & Son Electric in Lakeville Estates, NY.

2) Do You Provide Other Payment Option To Avoid Large Upfront Costs?

An extensive commercial electric charging point network may be expensive, so you might consider various payment methods rather than paying for the entire project upfront.

Check whether the electric vehicle charging provider has options like Charging-as-a-Service or any other lease alternatives. At Popkin & Son Electric, we can offer numerous financing options for an EV charging station for your facility in Lakeville Estates, NY.

3) How Are The Stations Going To Be Monitored?

The installation of EV chargers requires a financial commitment. It also reflects your company’s contribution towards a more sustainable future. Even though the number of EV chargers is small, managing them is critical. As you need to monitor how the station is being used in real-time.

When you work with the right car charging station supplier, tracking everything from energy usage to which charging station receives the most business is simple.

You don’t have to wait for monthly reports to find out if your charging infrastructure is broken in Nassau County. You can access your infrastructure anytime and view outcomes in real-time using a cloud-based home EV charger installation platform. You have all the necessary control and information to make the project a success.


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These are some questions that one should ask the company undertaking the installation responsibility of the electric charging points & home EV chargers. It will not be easy to electrify your facilities, but collaborating with the correct firm having expertise in electric charging points installation may make the process a lot simpler.

You can cooperate with our EV charging firm seamlessly. We will provide you with numerous EV charging options and the necessary customer care to properly charge your fleet. At Popkin & Son Electric, we are enthusiastic about our mission to help our clients with their EV Charging station installation services in Lakeville Estates, NY.

Our technicians will ensure that your electric vehicle charging station is always up and running for all your demands. To get started, contact us at 516-822-4566.

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