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Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for the Summer

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for the Summer


Be Safe This Summer with Your Outdoor Electric

With the official start of summer just around the corner, it’s important to remember to stay safe while using electronics outdoors. The use of outdoor electrical equipment can become a hazard especially during the summer months due to wet weather conditions and the fact that your outdoor outlets and electrical systems have not been used all winter. It is also important to share these tips with your children to ensure their safety while playing outside for the summer.


  • Keep devices and outlets dry: Water from pools, rain, sprinklers, etc. can all be potentially dangerous for outdoor electrical devices or outlets. To prevent anything dangerous from happening:
    • Keep electronics away from pools and spas.
    • Unplug outdoor devices when not in use – especially if it’s going to rain.
    • Make sure any outdoor outlets have waterproof covers to prevent water and moisture from getting in and damaging the outlet.
  • Monitor the weather: Besides keeping devices safe in wet conditions, you also need to keep them safe in other dangerous weather conditions such as wind. When using an electrical device outdoors during heavy winds, it is important to make sure your device will not blow over potentially falling into a pool or other water source.
  • Check your device labels: Some devices will explicitly state in their manuals if the device is not for outdoor use. If it is rated for outdoor use, then it is safe to continue use!
  • Get your pools and spas inspected: An electrician can inspect your pool and spa electrical systems to ensure that everything is still intact and safe from the previous season and have not been damaged over the winter.
  • Use extension cords safely:
    • Make sure to use an extension cord that is rated for outdoor use and will combat any outdoor conditions.
    • Use an extension cord with a power capacity large enough for the device being used.
    • Don’t run extension cords through windows or doors because this can quickly damage the cord
  • Make sure to have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) installed: These will protect your outlets from any serious electrical problems such as electrical shock making them much safer for outdoor use.

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