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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Man Installing Smoke Or Carbon Monoxide Detector

Being Prepared for the Effects of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is commonly known as the silent killer. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas making it very difficult to detect when there is a leak in your home. Is displaces oxygen in the blood and therefore deprives your brain and body from the oxygen it needs to function properly. This can be extremely dangerous for you and your family.

Carbon monoxide can be found in homes from fuel burned in furnaces, fireplaces or gas ranges (burning natural gas). When it builds up inside your home, it can poison any people or animals who breathe it in.

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness/ confusion
  • Weakness
  • Upset stomach/ vomiting
  • Chest pains

The best way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is to have an electrician install a carbon monoxide detector in your home immediately. These detectors will give you and your family an early warning if carbon monoxide is detected giving you all enough time to evacuate your home and call the fire department for help. It is important to hire a professional and experienced electrician to install these detectors to ensure proper and safe installation.

Handyman Installing Smoke Detector With Screwdriver On The Ceiling
  • Digital read out detectors

These carbon monoxide detectors are the best for use in homes. They have a digital display screen that displays the carbon monoxide levels in your home in parts per million. Being able to see the levels is beneficial in your home so that you can make sure everything is working properly with your gas appliances and that you and your family are safe. These detectors can easily be installed by an electrician to start keeping your family safe as soon as possible.

  • Hard wired detectors

Being directly connected to your homes power supply and electrical system makes these detectors dangerous to install yourself. By calling an electrician, you can have a hard wired CO detector installed in no time. These units will have battery backup for the case of a power outage. Hard wired detectors can also come with digital displays and again should only be installed by a licensed electrician for your safety.

  • Plug-in detectors

Individual plug in units can be plugged right into your homes electrical outlets. These are beneficial for the convenience of plugging them in yourself and not having an electrician come and do electrical work in your home. But, these kinds of detectors are not recommended because of the position of most home outlets. CO detectors should be placed at eye level for the best CO reading and home outlets are too close to the floor.

  • Interconnected detectors

An interconnected CO detector is connected to other detectors in your home through either wires or wireless. These kinda if detectors are beneficial because they can set off alarms in other parts of the house so that everyone can hear the alarm and safely evacuate the building. These detectors require installation by an electrician for safety because of the work that needs to be done with your homes wiring and electrical system.

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