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Why You Need an Electrical Inspection

Home Inspector In Front Of Electric Distribution Board During Inspection

Reasons For Your Electrical Inspection For Your Home

Often times, people only think to have an electrical inspection when they are selling their home or doing major work on their home. Since electrical inspections are electrical safety precautions, they should be done more often than just when you’re selling your home or doing construction. Our electrical systems are critical and are used constantly and electrical safety is just as urgently important.

Since electrical systems are behind the scenes and literally behind the walls, electrical inspections seems to be an “out of sight, out of mind” concept. Since the majority of home damages and fires in the US result from faulty wiring, electrical inspections need to become a more commonplace practice.

An electrical inspection will provide you with a detailed and thorough analyzation of your home’s electrical system. The electrical inspector will be looking to make sure that all wiring and appliances in your home follow the electrical code and are up to predetermined safety standards.

Here are some reasons you should have your home electrical system inspected:


According to the National Fire Protection Agency, electrical fires are the number one reason for residential fires in the US. When an electrical inspection is conducted, if there is any electrical hazards that can cause a fire, it will be spotted and repaired before it becomes dangerous. Faulty electrical wiring and overloaded fuses or breakers can also cause injury due to electric shock or electrocution. Again, this faulty wiring will be spotted during an electrical inspection and can prevent any injuries from occurring.


By having more regular electrical inspections, it will help you avoid any electrical surprises when you go to sell your home. You may have faulty or deteriorating wiring and never even know it. When the electrical inspector comes when you are wanting to sell your home and sees this, you will have to get everything fixed before you can actually sell your house. If you have regular electrical inspections, this is something that would have already been detected and repaired by an electrician so you wouldn’t have to rush to fix it so your house can sell.

Thermal Imaging Inspection Of Electrical Equipment

Faulty wiring can suck a lot of extra electricity from your home and just drains energy at a much faster rate. When an electrical inspector notices a problem like this it can be fixed by an electrician as soon as possible and you can start saving more money and energy.

It’s important to remember that any electrical repair your home may need should be done by a licensed electrician. A licensed electrician will ensure proper and safe electrical work to keep you and your family safe.

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