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Why You Should Become an Electrician

Why You Should Become an Electrician


Reasoning for Becoming an Electrician

With graduation season among us, high school graduates are facing the decision of what to do next. They are deciding whether or not to go to college, take a gap year, etc. While often overlooked, trades such as electrical work are very enticing occupations. Here are some reasons to consider becoming an electrician:


Employed electricians make good money and the longer they are in the business, the more money they will make. Running your own business, expanding into renewable energy, or becoming an electrical inspector will also increase your salary. In a field like this, competition also tends to be low and there is always demand for a skilled and experienced electrician. Less and less people are training for electrical trade and in a world where we depend on electricity, there is a need for more electricians.


Going to work as electrician will not be boring. Each day you are facing new jobs, with new customers, in new locations. There is challenge and variety in each day keeping your skills sharp and your days interesting.


Not everyone is meant to sit behind a desk everyday 9-5 in an office wearing a suit. As an electrician you are working with your hands, with more flexible hours and are on the move from day to day. To many people, this environment and freedom is very appealing.


While there is room for growth to become your own boss in any industry, many electricians are self employed and manage their own business. This gives you greater control over your business, allows for more flexible work hours, allows for a different work experience by running your own business, and gives some freedom to retire earlier.


Being an electrician allows for a lot of career advancement. Having the knowledge and training of an electrician, you can open doors to become an electrical engineer, a contract manager, and even an electrical design engineer.


As an electrician, you can avoid thousands of dollars in student loan debt. By becoming an apprentice electrician, you will begin learning the electrical skills and techniques as you work and make money. You will be able to receive a paycheck while also receiving your electrical training that will prepare you for your career.

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