Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician


Hiring a Licensed Electrician for Your Home

With DIY projects becoming more and more popular, people tend to feel like they can do any home projects themselves. When it comes to home electrical work, this is not the case! Hiring a licensed electrician is extremely important and should be done when doing any projects involving the electric in your home. By hiring a licensed electrician you are ensuring that the electrical work in your home will be done correctly and most importantly done safely. Here are some reasons for hiring a licensed electrician:


If an electrician is licensed, that means they are state certified. Being state certified ensures that the electrician went through proper training and had hours and hours of practice before becoming certified. Being state certified as an electrician also means being up to date with electrical codes. Electrical codes are updated constantly and are important for electrical safety so having an electrician that knows all of these codes is essential for proper work and safety in your home.


Licensed electricians tend to have higher standards for the quality of their work and strive to provide safe work for their customers. By doing electrical work yourself you are putting your home and your family in danger so why not just hire a licensed electrician to have the work done correctly, efficiently, and safely?


It is very likely that your home insurance requires that any electrical work in your home be done by a licensed electrician – this being said, if you do electrical work yourself or hire an unlicensed electrician and something happens to your home due to the electrical work, your insurance may not cover it. In addition, inspectors require electrical work to be done by a licensed electrician as well. If you are getting an inspection to sell your home and the electrical work is not done by a licensed electrician, everything may not be up to code and will have to repaired before being able to sell your home.


While a licensed electrician may cost a bit more initially, it will save you money in the long run. By doing home electrical work yourself or by hiring an unlicensed electrician, you are potentially having unsafe and incorrect work done in your home. This could cause you to spend extra money on repairs in the future. A licensed electrician will do the work safely and correctly the first time.

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